Paola Fiorentini was born in Rome and moved to the green heart of Italy, Umbria in 1978. Shortly after she started working on her natural wool dyeing project, the first in the region and certainly one of the pioneers of the culture and fashion of natural dyeing in Italy. Paola Fiorentini’s creations are sought after by those who create their own style in harmony with the environment.
Sweaters, jackets and vests for children, teenagers and adults, beautiful to wear for their biological and aesthetic characteristics. The yarns are made with 100% renewable organic raw materials, free from toxic and synthetic fibers.
The dyeing procedure is environmentally friendly, water and other resources are used with care.
Prestigious and unique natural garments that reflect all the colors of nature.

Paola Fiorentini’s creations are inspired by the Umbrian and Tuscan countrysides, an inexhaustible source of natural dyeing materials: from the olive tree to the oak, from elderberry to the most common herbs such as broom, mad, etc. These garments are unique in their kind, made with great care in every detail. They have the quality of a second skin.

It is very pleasant to be wrapped in a light, soft and temperature-regulating sweater that promotes proper perspiration. With the changing effect of natural dyeing, the use of natural accessories (wood, terracotta, mother of pearl), enriched with embroidery and artistic finishes. Paola Fiorentini’s creations are very distinctive and underline the individuality and refinement of the wearer in every detail.
Initial freshness is not compromised by changing seasons and trends.