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Give yourself an unforgettable experience.

Together, we can transform the way we study and live knitwear; connected with nature in a mystical environment that brings us back in time.


Study in Umbria

The world is constantly changing,
so the society and the way to see fashion.

Seminar Course
  • Diseño de Moda Internacional

    Introduction to Natural Wool Dyeing

    3 hours
    ( Open now )

    We want you to understand the opportunities of sustainability in fashion, the dyeing capabilities of herbs and plants found nearby. We'll show you the most important things in order to undertand the process. You will experience an immersive, awakening day in nature.

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  • Fashion free design workshop

    Natural Dyeing workshop

    2 HOURS
    ( Open Now )

    Experience the mind blowing itineraries of the Umbrian contry side and learn the secrets and magic of the herbs and dyeing plants.

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  • Pattern and dressmaking


    2 HOURS
    ( Open now )

    You will learn all the knitting process and master the use of different techniques to make a perfect piece of clothing.

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  • Introduction to Fashion

    Introduction to Knitting

    2 HOURS
    ( Open now )

    Start knitting since the first class and acquire the neccesary knowledge to grow as a successful profesional. This will be a unique experience.

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Weekend Courses
  • Knitting

    Knitting 2

    00 SEMANAS
    ( Opening May 00th 2015 )

    Learn more about the art of creating garment using ancestral techniques and discover unique textures and colors.

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  • Diseño de Moda Express

    Advanced Knitting

    00 SEMANAS
    ( Opening May 00th 2015 )

    Learn the most advanced techniques and how to use the premium tools in order to create and build a model.

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Take the path to your dreams

Improve your creativity and talent, discover the secrets of natural dyeing.

Via Cristoforo Colombo 32
Attigliano - Terni

The new Paola Fiorentini knitting and dyeing school is located in Attigliano (TR) Italy

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Via Cristoforo Colombo 32 –
Attigliano - Terni +39 (84) 84-029

Text or call for more information or just to say hi +39 3338977994


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